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National Rollout and Deployment Services

INNOVA?is a?rollout leader in the deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial and government organizations?Whether company rollout project is 10 or 10,000 locations, we use a Google powered system and ?processes to provide a real time and collaborative management system to support a?national field force?of local onsite technicians to deploy infrastructure technology on a nationwide scale.

INNOVA ?has continued to expand its capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients. The National Roll Out ?Team (NROT) ?is one such client driven addition. The division has been operating for more than 15 years. Regardless of size (10 or 1000's of ?locations ) ?complexity or schedule, every project is afforded our commitment to a comprehensive well conceived economical ?implementation of ?information technology assets to locations across United states , Canada and far east Asia.

With clients in retail, hospitality, financial services, transportation, and government, we understand the mission-critical nature of enterprise systems. We refined our proven methodology for IT rollouts to ensure that we deliver a repeatable, predictable process. The heart of our operation is our Orange County California . INNOVA provides the following :

1. Innova Project and Service Management Software ?(PSME) designed to manage rollouts

2. Single Point of Contact and accountability ?for each rollout ,

3. Pre-arrival site coordination with customer representatives and laptop Web connectivity for reporting 4. Comprehensive logistics services and support . Planning, scheduling, & tracking of materials & installer tech.

4. Reporting and project management through customized databases and web sites

5. Database collection and dissemination of lessons learned and ?Comprehensive project administration

INNOVA?is a?rollout leader in the deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts due to its?business model, cloudsourcing engines powred by?Google Apps?and Web 2.0 ?and ?its?deployment??implementation?model ?which is called?expert sourcing?. Innova expert local installation?filed force?is the?largest network of?infrastructural and equipment??installation in the world ?which is growing everyday.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????National rollout business model?

National Technology Rollout Planning Principles and BestPractices?(Read more.. )

Customer project?management?team?benefits?

1. Access to local expert installers and their loaded truck 24X7 without manage service contract or minimum hourly rate.
2. ?Centralized single-tier process structure
3. Bypassing project brokers, resellers, outsourcing companies and going to the expert installers directly. ?Access collective knowledge and service through AS ONE FORCE business, social media engine or community manager.
4. Access to As-One-Force engineers, RCDD and thought leaders to make the best decision or come up with best design and approach. Power of collective intelligence.
5. Reduce the chance of losing control of the outsourced process.
6. Reduce costs of transitioning to a new vendor.
7. Reduce legal and contractual costs.
8. Reduce chance ?losing control of the outsourced process.
9. Reduce cost of vendor training.
10. Reduce costs of monitoring vendors.
11. WEB 2.0 knowledge base and real time project documentation system & 24 X7 access.
13- Live and real-time project control , management and execution.
14. Access to project fixed pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu .
12. Reduce R/D, deployment and installation cost.

Customer's organization?benefits?

1.Reducing Cost, Increasing Quality, Accelerating Deployment and Greener?installation.
2.Power of ?collective action:As One Force has over 6000+ local expert, technology installers to deploy technology nationally and globally.
Strength in numbers gets the work done!
3.Power?Wisdom of?the expert crowd:?Collective knowledge, wisdom and experience from over 6000 local expert, technology installers,?solution providers and though leaders .
4.Power of cloud computing:?More computing and web 2.0 power that Fortune 500 companies. Full disaster recovery and Integrated deployment technology that insures efficiency and cost effectiveness.
5.Power of being local and?geographic?presence:?24X7 X365 availability, with more?reliability, accounatability ?& knowledge of the terrain and without any cost.Be there when?you need it
6.?Local?Support:?6000+ Qualified, Local expert, IT installers and solution providers are in your area to work for your organization directly. ?Virtually no up-front investments are required.
7.Go Green and win :?With over 6000 local installers ready to work. You can become more “green”, less trip charges , less expense , less time spent on the road ?translates?to less energy consumption .
8.Leveraging power of mobile phones:?Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.
10. Leveraging power of mobile phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.
11. Project?bulletin?broad?:?Post your RFP and receive quotes from AS ONE FORCE quickly.?The bulletin board allows for rapid deployment of services and cost efficiency.
12.Power of Expert sourcing:?Bypass outsourcing, sub-contracting and service?resellers to save time,?money and increase?project speed.
13.Single point of?contact?:?Centralized single-tier Process structure. As-One-Force serving?as the coordinator or focal?point of information concerning?all project activities.
14.Access to fixed cost pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu. Reducing project management and accounting work load. ?Highest Quality with the?Lowest?Cost,?delivers?the Highest Value.
15.Project quality?assurance:?Web 2.0 Reputation and?quality?assuarnce Engine plus access to live and real-time project collaboration, management and?execution system.

National Technology Rollout Planning Principles and Best Practices?(Read more.. )

As One Force benefit and?features?to?clients?and business partners ?

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Get the Best Network Cabling and solution provider Company?

In this day and age when connectivity is highly important and can make or break a company, setting up the network cabling infrastructure of your company will ensure greater success for now and the future. ?Connectivity solutions such as phone and data cabling, fiber optic installations, VoIP phone systems and even alarm systems will make sure that you get to function more efficiently and you can gear your company towards success. There are rules and regulations that cover this process. ?Many business owners find them very complicated and so it is better to put your trust in a good network cabling company that can handle all connectivity needs. ?It can be tricky to install it yourself so get a good network cabling company that can give you what you need for your business.

Innova is the best cabling and network infrastructure , and cabling company in Orange County and is the best ?among data cabling installations , ?network cabling companies and ?data cabling companies in Los Angles County .

A dependable network cabling company will be able to work on your data cabling installation without disrupting your daily operations. ?This means that you will be able to upgrade your system without putting a halt on your daily routine. ?So choose one that can work alongside your current operations and slowly upgrade your system and integrate your daily routines slowly but surely into the new one.

Choose a ?network infrastructure and cabling that is in close proximity to you. ?It can add great advantage to you because if something breaks down, you will be able to have a technician come over quickly to solve the problem. ?Opt to avail of the services of a cabling company that has a 24 hour support. Having someone local will also increase the chances of being reached easily when there any queries or difficulties.?

Innova Global is a top notch structured cabling contractor and data cabling company ?located in Santa Ana, California. ?This company offers various services that focus on single source design of network wiring , fiber optic cable installation , WiFI installation , and cabling for communication networks both in local areas and also on a nationwide scale. Business owners, for big or small companies, will be satisfied with the top of the line solutions to achieve effective data center structured cabling.?

This network cabling company will be able to assist your company with the transfer of information that is highly essential in making your company a success. ?They are highly versed in the various techniques and requirements to create a system for small or big businesses. ?Voice and data cabling will be one less thing to think about for a business owner when the services of Innova Global are employed.

Some of the services include Irvine Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling, staging, configuration, imaging & asset management, HUB room, MDF and wiring closet ?design and installation, component and software loading and integration, as well as network conversions and upgrades.?

The delivery of services ?of this network cable installation company is highly efficient because of the single point of contact and accountability. ?With this, total installation solutions are provided with less hassle and just pure ease.

Innova is the best cabling and network infrastructure ,structured cabling installer, network cabling installer ?and cabling company in Orange County and is the best ?among structured cabling installers, ? structured cabling contractors and ?network cabling services ?in Los Angles County .

Innova Global ?Technology is a structured cabling installer ? with local ?data cabling installers, network cabling installers and nationwide cabling resources ? ?specialty includes:

  1. Structured cabling installations
  2. Fiber optic cable installations
  3. Network cable installations
  4. Network cabling infrastructures

When it comes to selecting structured cabling vendors, ?network cabling infrastructures , structured network cabling installers or network infrastructure cabling contractor ?in Orange , Los Angles, Ventura , inland empire counties , you can trust Innova to deliver you the best and fastest ?network cabling quotation and the best network cable installation team ?to address and isntall all your networking structured cabling needs

?Fiber?Optic Cables Answers Your High Volume Data Needs

At this day and age we fondly call the age of information technology and IT infrastructure planning and cabling for network installation ?by a cabling contractor or cable contractors offering cabling network solutions, everyone encounters large data traffic even if they are not in the information technology industry. Even as a simple business owner, you tend to use your computer a lot and transact business online. Most are even using wifi for business. What they seem to forget is that wireless networks are still supported by cables. However, these are no longer your copper cables , structured lan cabling ( Cat3 , Cat5, Cat5e , Cat6 or Cat 7 ) . What are in use nowadays are those made of fiber optic ?which are deployed within fiber cable installation and fiber optic cable networking in a cabling projects.?

What is Fibre Optic? and what are different types of fiber optic cables ?

This technology was first conceived to be utilized in the field of medicine, particularly for endoscopy purposes. It essentially uses the power of light and the speed at which it travels. Instead of electrons being passed through copper wires, photons are the ones that carry the information and at a much faster phase. The fibre optic may either be made of glass or plastic.

The Three Basic Different Types of Fiber Optic Cables and fiber network cables

The simplest is the single-mode fiber, it is the thinnest as well. This type transmits information through a single and straight pattern. This is what is commonly used to carry signals or information for telephone, cable tv, and internet. This is best used for long distance data transmission

The second type is the multi-mode fiber, this is about ten times thicker than the first type as it allows different types of data to be transmitted through different paths or angles. However, this is only effective for short distances, particularly for your structured local area network or lan cabling needs.

The third type is the plastic optic fibre. As the name implies, it is made of plastic and when it comes to data transmission, it is not very useful as those made of glass. This is only effective in light transmission. This is popular for its durability and cost effectiveness but not really for its usefulness.

Some Things You Have to Know About Fibre Opting Cabling Installation by cabling installers

Another important thing you have to know especially when it comes to fiber optic cable install and fibre cable installation is the cable minimum bend radius. You would most probably than not be working with glass fibre optics when it comes to network cabling. As useful and efficient as they are, glass fibre optics are delicate. Cables are to be bended only within the minimum bend radius. Unlike copper cables that do not break when bended, glass is brittle and will break when bended more than the minimum bend radius. Knowing the limit is easy as specifications are given by the manufacturer, stamped on the cable covering itself. Also, try not to use mechanical equipment in glass fibre optic cabling installation and fiber optic cable network.

Once installed, make sure that you have installed correctly and enough that it can carry your data within its recommended maximum load. You are dealing with delicate equipment and the power of light. Everyone knows that light causes heat, and to much heat may burn your cables, ultimately your place down. So watch out. Better yet, get the services of a professional cabling contractor, just to stay on the safe side.

installation of fiber optic cable should be managed through experienced installing structured cabling company staffed by structered cabling and optical fibre cable installation experts ?

It contract services for fiber cable installation ?nationwide installations

Innova voice and data cabling service are included : structured cable solutions,structured cabling certification, structured cabling services ,structured cabling solution , data cabling solutions, data center network design, and structured cabling solutions

Contact Innova fiber optic cable networking division Now?

What Is WiFi? ?and wi fi systems ?

You may be wondering why people refer to WiFi as 802.11 networking. The 802.11 designation comes from the IEEE. The IEEE sets standards for a range of technological protocols, and it uses a numbering system to classify these standards.

A wireless network uses radio waves, just like cell phones, televisions and radios do. In fact, communication across a wireless network is a lot like two-way radio communication. Here's what happens:

1-A computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits it using an antenna.

2- A wireless router receives the signal and decodes it. The router sends the information to the Internet using a physical, wired Ethernet connection.

The process also works in reverse, with the router receiving information from the Internet, translating it into a radio signal and sending it to the computer's wireless adapter.

The radios used for WiFi communication are very similar to the radios used for walkie-talkies, cell phones and other devices. They can transmit and receive radio waves, and they can convert 1s and 0s into radio waves and convert the radio waves back into 1s and 0s. But WiFi radios have a few notable differences from other radios:

WiMax, also known as 802.16, looks to combine the benefits of broadband and wireless. WiMax will provide high-speed wireless Internet over very long distances and will most likely provide access to large areas such as cities.

They transmit at frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. This frequency is considerably higher than the frequencies used for cell phones, walkie-talkies and televisions. The higher frequency allows the signal to carry more data.

They use 802.11 networking standards, which come in several flavors:

802.11a transmits at 5 GHz and can move up to 54 megabits of data per second. It also uses orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), a more efficient coding technique that splits that radio signal into several sub-signals before they reach a receiver. This greatly reduces interference.

802.11b is the slowest and least expensive standard. For a while, its cost made it popular, but now it's becoming less common as faster standards become less expensive. 802.11b transmits in the 2.4 GHz frequency band of the radio spectrum. It can handle up to 11 megabits of data per second, and it uses complementary code keying (CCK) modulation to improve speeds.

802.11g transmits at 2.4 GHz like 802.11b, but it's a lot faster -- it can handle up to 54 megabits of data per second. 802.11g is faster because it uses the same OFDM coding as 802.11a.

802.11n is the newest standard that is widely available. This standard significantly improves speed and range. For instance, although 802.11g theoretically moves 54 megabits of data per second, it only achieves real-world speeds of about 24 megabits of data per second because of network congestion. 802.11n, however, reportedly can achieve speeds as high as 140 megabits per second. The standard is currently in draft form -- the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) plans to formally ratify 802.11n by the end of 2009.

Other 802.11 standards focus on specific applications of wireless networks, like wide area networks (WANs) inside vehicles or technology that lets you move from one wireless network to another seamlessly.

WiFi radios can transmit on any of three frequency bands. Or, they can "frequency hop" rapidly between the different bands. Frequency hopping helps reduce interference and lets multiple devices use the same wireless connection simultaneously.

As long as they all have wireless adapters, several devices can use one router to connect to the Internet. This connection is convenient, virtually invisible and fairly reliable; however, if the router fails or if too many people try to use high-bandwidth applications at the same time, users can experience interference or lose their connections in wi fi business or wifi business

Coverage area?

Abilene , Texas ;Akron , Ohio ;Alameda , California ;Albany , New York ;Albany , Georgia ;Albany , Oregon ;Albuquerque , New Mexico ;Alexandria , Virginia ;Alexandria , Louisiana ;Alhambra , California ;Aliso Viejo , California ;Allen , Texas ;Allentown , Pennsylvania ;Aloha , Oregon ;Alpharetta , Georgia ;Altadena , California ;Altoona , Pennsylvania ;Amarillo , Texas ;Ames , Iowa ;Anaheim , California ;Anchorage , Alaska ;Anderson , Indiana ;Ankeny , Iowa ;Annandale , Virginia ;Ann Arbor , Michigan ;Antioch , California ;Appleton , Wisconsin ;Apple Valley , California ;Apple Valley , Minnesota ;Arcadia , California ;Arden-Arcade , California ;Arlington , Texas ;Arlington , Virginia ;Arlington , Massachusetts ;Arlington Heights , Illinois ;Arvada , Colorado ;Asheville , North Carolina ;Aspen Hill , Maryland ;Athens-Clarke , Georgia ;Atlanta , Georgia ;Attleboro , Massachusetts ;Auburn , Alabama ;Auburn , Washington ;Augusta-Richmond , Georgia ;Aurora , Colorado ;Aurora , Illinois ;Austin , Texas ;Avondale , Arizona ;Azusa , California ;Bakersfield , California ;Baldwin Park , California ;Baltimore , Maryland ;Barnstable Town , Massachusetts ;Bartlett , Tennessee ;Bartlett , Illinois ;Baton Rouge , Louisiana ;Battle Creek , Michigan ;Bayonne , New Jersey ;Baytown , Texas ;Beaumont , Texas ;Beaverton , Oregon ;Bedford , Texas ;Bel Air North , Maryland ;Bel Air South , Maryland ;Belleville , Illinois ;Bellevue , Washington ;Bellevue , Nebraska ;Bellflower , California ;Bell Gardens , California ;Bellingham , Washington ;Bend , Oregon ;Berkeley , California ;Berwyn , Illinois ;Bethesda , Maryland ;Bethlehem , Pennsylvania ;Billerica , Massachusetts ;Billings , Montana ;Biloxi , Mississippi ;Binghamton , New York ;Birmingham , Alabama ;Bismarck , North Dakota ;Blacksburg , Virginia ;Blaine , Minnesota ;Bloomfield , New Jersey ;Bloomfield Township , Michigan ;Bloomington , Minnesota ;Bloomington , Illinois ;Bloomington , Indiana ;Blue Springs , Missouri ;Boca Raton , Florida ;Boise City , Idaho ;Bolingbrook , Illinois ;Bonita Springs , Florida ;Bossier City , Louisiana ;Boston , Massachusetts ;Boulder , Colorado ;Bountiful , Utah ;Bowie , Maryland ;Bowling Green , Kentucky ;Boynton Beach , Florida ;Bozeman , Montana ;Bradenton , Florida ;Brandon , Florida ;Brentwood , New York ;Brentwood , California ;Brick , New Jersey ;Bridgeport , Connecticut ;Bristol , Connecticut ;Brockton , Massachusetts ;Broken Arrow , Oklahoma ;Brookline , Massachusetts ;Brooklyn Park , Minnesota ;Broomfield , Colorado ;Brownsville , Texas ;Bryan , Texas ;Buckeye , Arizona ;Buena Park , California ;Buffalo , New York ;Buffalo Grove , Illinois ;Bullhead City , Arizona ;Burbank , California ;Burke , Virginia ;Burlington , North Carolina ;Burnsville , Minnesota ;Caldwell , Idaho ;Calexico , California ;Camarillo , California ;Cambridge , Massachusetts ;Camden , New Jersey ;Canton , Michigan ;Canton , Ohio ;Cape Coral , Florida ;Carlsbad , California ;Carmel , Indiana 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Falls , Ohio ;Cypress , California ;Dale City , Virginia ;Dallas , Texas ;Daly City , California ;Danbury , Connecticut ;Danville , Virginia ;Danville , California ;Davenport , Iowa ;Davie , Florida ;Davis , California ;Dayton , Ohio ;Daytona Beach , Florida ;Dearborn , Michigan ;Dearborn Heights , Michigan ;Decatur , Illinois ;Decatur , Alabama ;Deerfield Beach , Florida ;DeKalb , Illinois ;Delano , California ;Delray Beach , Florida ;Deltona , Florida ;Denton , Texas ;Denver , Colorado ;Des Moines , Iowa ;DeSoto , Texas ;Des Plaines , Illinois ;Detroit , Michigan ;Diamond Bar , California ;Dothan , Alabama ;Downers Grove , Illinois ;Downey , California ;Draper , Utah ;Drexel Heights , Arizona ;Dublin , California ;Dubuque , Iowa ;Duluth , Minnesota ;Dundalk , Maryland ;Durham , North Carolina ;Eagan , Minnesota ;East Brunswick , New Jersey ;East Hartford , Connecticut ;East Lake , Florida ;East Lansing , Michigan ;East Los Angeles , California ;East Orange , New Jersey ;East Point , Georgia ;East Providence , Rhode Island ;Eau Claire , Wisconsin ;Eden Prairie , Minnesota ;Edina , Minnesota ;Edinburg , Texas ;Edison , New Jersey ;Edmond , Oklahoma ;Edmonds , Washington ;Egypt Lake-Leto , Florida ;El Cajon , California ;El Centro , California ;Eldersburg , Maryland ;Elgin , Illinois ;Elizabeth , New Jersey ;Elk Grove , California ;Elkhart , Indiana ;Ellicott City , Maryland ;Elmhurst , Illinois ;El Monte , California ;El Paso , Texas ;Elyria , Ohio ;Encinitas , California ;Enid , Oklahoma ;Erie , Pennsylvania ;Escondido , California ;Euclid , Ohio ;Eugene , Oregon ;Euless , Texas ;Evanston , Illinois ;Evansville , Indiana ;Everett , Washington ;Fairfield , California ;Fairfield , Connecticut ;Fairfield , Ohio ;Fall River , Massachusetts ;Fargo , North Dakota ;Farmington , New Mexico ;Farmington Hills , Michigan ;Fayetteville , North Carolina ;Fayetteville , Arkansas ;Federal Way , Washington ;Fishers , Indiana ;Flagstaff , Arizona ;Flint , Michigan ;Florence-Graham , California ;Florissant , Missouri ;Flower Mound , Texas ;Folsom , California ;Fond du Lac , Wisconsin ;Fontana , California ;Fort Collins , Colorado ;Fort Lauderdale , Florida ;Fort Myers , Florida ;Fort Pierce , Florida ;Fort Smith , Arkansas ;Fortuna Foothills , Arizona ;Fort Wayne , Indiana ;Fort Worth , Texas ;Fountainbleau , Florida ;Fountain Valley , California ;Framingham , Massachusetts ;Franconia , Virginia ;Franklin , Tennessee ;Frederick , Maryland ;Freeport , New York ;Fremont , California ;Fresno , California ;Frisco , Texas ;Fullerton , California ;Gainesville , Florida ;Gaithersburg , Maryland ;Galveston , Texas ;Gardena , California ;Garden Grove , California ;Garland , Texas ;Gary , Indiana ;Gastonia , North Carolina ;Georgetown , Texas ;Germantown , Maryland ;Gilbert , Arizona ;Gilroy , California ;Glendale , Arizona ;Glendale , California ;Glendora , California ;Glenview , Illinois ;Goodyear , Arizona ;Goose Creek , South Carolina ;Grand Forks , North Dakota ;Grand Island , Nebraska ;Grand Junction , Colorado ;Grand Prairie , Texas ;Grand Rapids , Michigan ;Grapevine , Texas ;Greater Carrollwood , Florida ;Great Falls , Montana ;Greeley , Colorado ;Green Bay , Wisconsin ;Greensboro , North Carolina ;Greenville , North Carolina ;Greenville , South Carolina ;Greenwich , Connecticut ;Greenwood , Indiana ;Gresham , Oregon ;Gulfport , Mississippi ;Hacienda Heights , California ;Hackensack , New Jersey ;Haltom City , Texas ;Hamden , Connecticut ;Hamilton , New Jersey ;Hamilton , Ohio ;Hammond , Indiana ;Hampton , Virginia ;Hanford , California ;Harlingen , Texas ;Harrisburg , Pennsylvania ;Harrisonburg , Virginia ;Hartford , Connecticut ;Hattiesburg , Mississippi ;Haverhill , Massachusetts ;Hawthorne , California ;Hayward , California ;Hemet , California ;Hempstead , New York ;Henderson , Nevada ;Hendersonville , Tennessee ;Hesperia , California ;Hialeah , Florida ;Hickory , North Carolina ;Hicksville , New York ;Highland , California ;Highlands Ranch 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California ;Monterey Park , California ;Montgomery , Alabama ;Montgomery Village , Maryland ;Moore , Oklahoma ;Moreno Valley , California ;Mountain View , California ;Mount Pleasant , South Carolina ;Mount Prospect , Illinois ;Mount Vernon , New York ;Muncie , Indiana ;Murfreesboro , Tennessee ;Murray , Utah ;Murrieta , California ;Nampa , Idaho ;Napa , California ;Naperville , Illinois ;Nashua , New Hampshire ;Nashville , Tennessee ;National City , California ;Newark , New Jersey ;Newark , Ohio ;Newark , California ;New Bedford , Massachusetts ;New Braunfels , Texas ;New Britain , Connecticut ;New Brunswick , New Jersey ;New Haven , Connecticut ;New Orleans , Louisiana ;Newport Beach , California ;Newport News , Virginia ;New Rochelle , New York ;Newton , Massachusetts ;New York , New York ;Niagara Falls , New York ;Noblesville , Indiana ;Norfolk , Virginia ;Normal , Illinois ;Norman , Oklahoma ;North Atlanta , Georgia ;North Attleborough , Massachusetts ;North Bergen , New Jersey ;North Bethesda , Maryland ;North Charleston , South Carolina ;North Fort Myers , Florida ;North Highlands , California ;North Las Vegas , Nevada ;North Lauderdale , Florida ;North Little Rock , Arkansas ;North Miami , Florida ;North Port , Florida ;North Richland Hills , Texas ;Norwalk , California ;Norwalk , Connecticut ;Novato , California ;Novi , Michigan ;Oakland , California ;Oakland Park , Florida ;Oak Lawn , Illinois ;Oak Park , Illinois ;Ocala , Florida ;Oceanside , California ;Odessa , Texas ;O'Fallon , Missouri ;Ogden , Utah ;Oklahoma City , Oklahoma ;Olathe , Kansas ;Olney , Maryland ;Olympia , Washington ;Omaha , Nebraska ;Ontario , California ;Orange , California ;Orem , Utah ;Orlando , Florida ;Orland Park , Illinois ;Oro Valley , Arizona ;Oshkosh , Wisconsin ;Overland Park , Kansas ;Owensboro , Kentucky ;Oxnard , California ;Palatine , Illinois ;Palm Bay , Florida ;Palm Beach Gardens , Florida ;Palm Coast , Florida ;Palmdale , California ;Palm Desert , California ;Palm Harbor , Florida ;Palm Springs , California ;Palo Alto , California ;Paradise , Nevada ;Paramount , California ;Parker , Colorado ;Parkway-South Sacramento , California ;Parma , Ohio ;Parsippany-Troy Hills Township , New Jersey ;Pasadena , Texas ;Pasadena , California ;Pasco , Washington ;Passaic , New Jersey ;Paterson , New Jersey ;Pawtucket , Rhode Island ;Peabody , Massachusetts ;Pearland , Texas ;Pembroke Pines , Florida ;Penn Hills , Pennsylvania ;Pensacola , Florida ;Peoria , Arizona ;Peoria , Illinois ;Perris , California ;Perth Amboy , New Jersey ;Petaluma , California ;Pflugerville , Texas ;Pharr , Texas ;Philadelphia , Pennsylvania ;Phoenix , Arizona ;Pico Rivera , California ;Pine Bluff , Arkansas ;Pine Hills , Florida ;Pinellas Park , Florida ;Pittsburg , California ;Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania ;Pittsfield , Massachusetts ;Placentia , California ;Plainfield , New Jersey ;Plano , Texas ;Plantation , Florida ;Pleasanton , California ;Plymouth , Minnesota ;Plymouth , Massachusetts ;Pocatello , Idaho ;Pomona , California ;Pompano Beach , Florida ;Pontiac , Michigan ;Portage , Michigan ;Port Arthur , Texas ;Port Charlotte , Florida ;Porterville , California ;Portland , Oregon ;Portland , Maine ;Port Orange , Florida ;Port Saint Lucie , Florida ;Portsmouth , Virginia ;Potomac , Maryland ;Poway , California ;Prescott , Arizona ;Prescott Valley , Arizona ;Providence , Rhode Island ;Provo , Utah ;Pueblo , Colorado ;Quincy , Massachusetts ;Racine , Wisconsin ;Raleigh , North Carolina ;Rancho Cordova , California ;Rancho Cucamonga , California ;Rancho Palos Verdes , California ;Rancho Santa Margarita , California ;Rapid City , South Dakota ;Reading , Pennsylvania ;Redan , Georgia ;Redding , California ;Redford , Michigan ;Redlands , California ;Redmond , Washington ;Redondo Beach , California ;Redwood City , California ;Reno , Nevada ;Renton , Washington ;Reston , Virginia ;Revere , Massachusetts ;Rialto , California ;Richardson , Texas ;Richland , 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, Michigan ;Westminster , Colorado ;Westminster , California ;West New York , New Jersey ;Weston , Florida ;West Orange , New Jersey ;West Palm Beach , Florida ;West Sacramento , California ;West Seneca , New York ;West Valley City , Utah ;Weymouth , Massachusetts ;Wheaton , Illinois ;Wheaton-Glenmont , Maryland ;White Plains , New York ;Whittier , California ;Wichita , Kansas ;Wichita Falls , Texas ;Wilmington , North Carolina ;Wilmington , Delaware ;Wilson , North Carolina ;Winston-Salem , North Carolina ;Woodbury , Minnesota ;Woodland , California ;Woonsocket , Rhode Island ;Worcester , Massachusetts ;Wylie , Texas ;Wyoming , Michigan ;Yakima , Washington ;Yonkers , New York ;Yorba Linda , California ;Youngstown , Ohio ;Yuba City , California ;Yucaipa , California ;Yuma , Arizona ;