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El Monte Innova Global technology Innova Global technology?

4744 1/2 Live Oak St., Cudahy, CA 90201 ( Los Angeles County )

1901 Carnegie Ave. Santa Ana California 92705 ( Orange County )

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El Monte

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Network Cabling Low Cost High Quality Phone Jack Wiring to Data center installation

Passive Optical Lan , Passive optical network , Gpon

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?About City of El Monte:

What would you like to know about El Monte

Statistics & Facts


History & History-related items

City Attractions

El Monte?Government

El Monte?Chamber?of Commerce.

El Monte?Community?events.

El Monte?Organizations, Churches, and Sports.

El Monte?Libraries.

El Monte?Schools.?

Self Storage El Monte

Zip Codes

91731, 91732

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Statistics & Facts

The population of El Monte is approximately 118,600 (2000).?
The approximate number of families is 27,611 (1998).

The amount of land area in El Monte is 24.606 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in El Monte is 9.67 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.364 sq kilometers.
The distance from El Monte to Washington DC is 2415 miles. The distance to the California state capital is 365 miles. (as the crow flies)
El Monte is positioned 34.07 degrees north of the equator and 118.02 degrees west of the prime meridian.

El Monte elevation is 278 feet above sea level.
El Monte median income is $30,795.

The El Monte median home price is $172,100.

El Monte?miscellany.

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El Monte location: in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles

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History & History Related Items

El Monte history:

El Monte was founded around 1850 near the western end of the old Santa Fe Trail. Its first name was Lexington. The name was changed to El Monte in 1868
The incorporation date of El Monte: November 18, 1912

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El Monte is one of the ten safest Cities in the United States of America the second year in a row (1998)

El Monte Museum of History
3150 Tyler Ave.
El Monte, CA 9173-3354

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    Discover The Best, and Most Efficient Structured Network Cabling Installations in El Monte CA


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    Services are included but not limited :

    Local and nationwide services

    1. Single Point of contact and accountability

    2. Total installation solution , One stop for all installation and deployment projects?

    3. 24x7 ?nationwide support services

    4. On line, real time project or service ?ordering , tracking and status reporting?

    5. El Monte Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling

    6. Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension, cross connect and testing? El Monte

    7. El Monte Copper Cabling ?( I.e coax, audio , video , surveillance)

    8. El Monte Router , switch and hardware Rack and stack

    9. HUB room, MDF and wiring closet ?design and installation El Monte

    10. HUB room, MDF and wiring close redesign or clean up El Monte

    11. Data center hardware installation ?El Monte

    12. El Monte Data center clean up and rack / stack

    13. El Monte Fiber backbone installation?

    14. Component and software loading and integration

    15. El Monte Network conversions and upgrades

    16. El Monte Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation ?

    17. Digital Signage Installation & deployment El Monte

    18. El MonteLarge screen TV and projectors cabling and installation

    19. Kiosks / ATMs Roll-out Installation Services El Monte

    20. WAN / LAN / WLAN installation El Monte

    21. El Monte A/P ?coverage design and installation

    22. El Monte Intercom, Music & Paging Systems

    23. Surveillance Cameras / CCTV El Monte

    24. El Monte Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management ? ? ??

    25. Specialty Cabling Solutions El Monte

    26. El Monte Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation ? ? ? ? ??

    27. Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact

    28. Nationwide Technology Rollout El Monte

    29. Moves, Adds and Changes El Monte

    30. El Monte UPS installation and Battery replacement support

    31. El Monte Site survey, assessment and information portal

    32. El Monte On demand work force for temporary project staffing

    33. Project and deployment web design El Monte

    34. Office technology system installation?( site survey, design,?programming?and installation )

      • Phone systems, Voice mail ( Digital, Digital Hybrid and VOIP systems ) El Monte

      • El Monte WIFI , Access point ( AP ) system?

      • Public Announcement?( PA )?system? El Monte

      • El Monte Video?Surveillance and camera?system?

      • Video?distribution?systems, large screen TV and monitoring and signage El Monte

      • POS and Scanner system? El Monte