How to make IT budget to work in today's recessionary climate

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Make IT budget that works in today's ?recessionary?economy in Orange and los Angeles county?

Discover why many ?businesses put off technology improvements due to budget concerns, and then they pay the consequences?


That pretty much summarizes the results of a recent?study sponsored by HP. They found that:
  • 89% of those companies then experienced IT-related problems (like slow connections, lost data, overloaded networks) mostly from outdated and unreliable equipment.
  • 93% of the small businesses they surveyed put off getting the best IT solutions due to cost concerns.
Heart of?business runs on IT, If your?Infrastructure?cabling , ?phone system and server is older than three years and are not?upgraded, then you can be assured that you are paying more and getting less.?

The new ,?inexpensive?cloud computing ?business?office applications by Google ( google apps ) , ?Cost effective ?infrastructure??fiber technology (?eliminating?the need for cat5e, Cat 6 cabling ) which ?reduces the ?CapEx and OpEx, ?By ?Motorola?Passive Optical Lan technology ?, New Collaborative project management ?, material ?procurement?and?financing ?are?among?the technology and innovation that you need to consider .

To get more with higher quality for ?less is the name of the game in this " cost reduction "?Economy?.

Technology planning makes IT budget-friendly and manageable

One thing we all have learned is that we do not need to wait to hit the "?budgetary?ceiling" ?in order to wake up and start managing the budget .?

In 2011, Innova managed many well planned IT relocation , Move and expansion projects locally in?California?and nationwide , from regenal offices,?headquarters,?warehouses?and retail?stores?. We have received many comments and?testimonial?that clearly?demonstrates??business benefited from having well-planned technology systems in place -- and how business can ?enjoy not having to worry about managing all the details and just managing project budget and cost .

Technology becomes budget-friendly when you:
  • Use?Collaborative?project management?portals?and reporting?( I.e Using Google Apps ?sites, project?management?and cost management tools ) ?
  • Plan IT at the design phase.?It costs less to plan technology (especially cabling and outlets) at the design phase of any construction or remodeling project. If you get it right the first time, you don't pay a higher cost to reopen walls, ceilings, change furniture plan ?/ space plan ?and floors to rework an inadequate technology infrastructure.
  • Use a single source installation partner. ?You reduce cost , gain more control and?eliminate?fingure pointing when using Innova to install all your ?infrastructure?cabling ( Cat5e , cat6, Fiber optic , Video , Audio and security cables ) and ?Technology systems (?Cloud?computing , Private cloud, server system ,?switch, router, fire wall, ?phone system, DVR , PA and AP systems ) .
  • Plan for the future.?Again, it's less expensive to wire an office during construction for every desired technology application (like digital signage, additional computers), even if you don't buy and install all the hardware right away.
If you're planning to update equipment, remodel the office, or even move, call us ?so we can help you create a budget-friendly technology plan -- my office number is 877-448-4968 or We ?make sure you receive a copy of " Office relocation?survival?guide " which contains all the tips and tricks we have learned for past 20 years free of cost?. We can aslo assist you to set up your Information technology ( IT) budget?.

Innova ?Free offering

  • Free no obligation?Consultation
  • Free and Fast Quote
  • Free?Binding Estimates
  • Free Site Survey
  • Free IT assets inventory and?documentation Free 30 Days, 60 days and 90 days ?move and relocation check list
  • Free Relocation survival guide
  • Free move and relocation resource list
  • High?Quality?, low cost and quick ?installation
  • Experienced qualified, trained staff available 24X&x365 and often on short notice

You ask , we say DONE!

Innova Project management services??


Innova Installation ?and deployment?services ??

  1. Local and nationwide services
  2. Single Point of contact and accountability
  3. Total installation solution , One stop for all installation and deployment projects?
  4. 24X7 ?nationwide support services
  5. On line, real time project or service ?ordering , tracking and status reporting?
  6. Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling
  7. Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension , cross connect and testing?
  8. Copper Cabling ?( I.e coax, audio , video , surveillance)
  9. Router , switch and hardware Rack and stack
  10. HUB room, MDF and wiring closet ?design and installation
  11. HUB room, MDF and wiring close redesign or clean up
  12. Data center hardware installation?
  13. Data center clean up and rack / stack
  14. Fiber backbone installation?
  15. Component and software loading and integration
  16. Network conversions and upgrades
  17. Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation ?
  18. Digital Signage Installation & deployment
  19. Large screen TV and projectors cabling and installation
  20. Kiosks / ATMs Roll-out Installation Services
  21. WAN / LAN / WLAN installation
  22. A/P ?coverage design and installation
  23. Intercom, Music & Paging Systems
  24. Surveillance Cameras / CCTV
  25. Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management ? ? ??
  26. Specialty Cabling Solutions
  27. Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation ? ? ? ? ??
  28. Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact
  29. Nationwide Technology Rollout
  30. Moves, Adds and Changes
  31. UPS installation and Battery replacement support
  32. Site survey, assessment and information portal
  33. On demand work force for temporary project staffing
  34. Project and deployment web design
  35. Office technology system installation?( site survey, design,?programming?and installation )
    • Phone systems, Voice mail ( Digital, Digital Hybrid and VOIP systems )
    • WIFI , Access point ( AP ) system?
    • Public Announcement?( PA )?system?
    • Video?Surveillance and camera?system?
    • Video?distribution?systems, large screen TV and monitoring and signage
    • POS and Scanner system?

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